Double Tonic Live

Saturday, 04th January, 2020

Nachtcafé, Epernay Saal, Schloß Ettlingen, 76275 Ettlingen



Press Comments

Wednesday, 22.10.2014

The video recordings of our CD release concert can be seen under media. Many thanks to Judith for her time and energy put into this project.

Saturday, 30.11.2013

CD-Release Concert.... Full House - Magical moments - Standing Ovations...


Saturday, 07.09.2013

Our beneficial concert at the Schlossmühle in Rohrbach in aid of the „Kind und Familie Verein Lingenfeld” and especially for Lilli-Marie, was a great success.


Double Tonic - A Celtic-Jazz Affair

Double Tonic's music is the result of a long term process of attempting to blend two completely different styles of music together, the original melodies of traditional Celtic music with the improvisations of modern Pop and Jazz. It was important not to lose the strength and beauty of these ancient and contemporary pieces but to combine and compliment them with new grooves and sounds plus some orchestral elements. A few songs could barely be changed, whereas others offered a great foundation for creative improvisation and arrangement.

It was also a moving exerience to discover that the songs of our ancestors, which tell tales of homesickness, persecution, longing and love are still up-to-date and continue to touch our hearts... We have attempted to express these feelings through our music.

Following our first album „No Frontiers" from 2008, we decided that it was time to get back to the studios and record new material, again in a crossover fashion between Celtic Folk and modern Acoustic Pop. The spectrum of our new CD „Drops of Celtic Life" has been enhanced by using elements of Jazz, Rock and Film Music.

A live concert with Double Tonic is an experience of its own.