Press Release

When listening to Double Tonic's music one can visualise the foggy coasts of Scotland which in turn creates a touch of melancholy. The scottish and irish melodies show sparks of their original power and the beauty of their language touch the soul deep within.

Gripping, groovy jigs alternate with the soft or mystic and dramatic ballads. Old and new Celtic Folk songs are interestingly combined with facettes of modern Acoustic Pop. The spectrum of the band has been enhanced by using elements of Jazz, Rock and Film Music.

The emotional and expressive voice of Yvonne Arnitz, born in Scotland, gives an authentic flair to the music. Wolfgang Klockewitz, the Jazz Pianist of the band arranges the songs instinctively in order to keep the original celtic sound. Together with Klaus Buchner, Saxophones and Flutes, Uwe Lehmann, Bass and Matthias Klittich, Drums, they've been working as a perfectly balanced team for many years. The band have inspired audiences at home and abroad.

Double Tonic have released 2 CD's, 'No Frontiers' and 'Drops of Celtic Life'.